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Enjoy shopping for a good cause at our virtual Christmas Bazar 

Give a Gift, Change a life! 

Make a world of difference for children and communities in the Philippines, by Shopping our gift catalogue for you or those you love this Christmas!

2021 has been another challenging year for everyone. Among the many difficulties the pandemic brought the world, the communities we support in Manila were met with some of the toughest government confinements, having a devastating impact on those already living in extreme poverty. Throughout these uncertain times, our volunteers continue to do whatever they can to help those in need. Thanks to the resources our donors help us to provide, the communities we support continue to meet these new challenges with hope and resilience.


By donating to the British Women’s Association, our volunteers will bring support to some of the worlds poorest, living in the Philippines. This year, especially, your donations will be greatly appreciated. The BWA is fully run by volunteers with no operational costs. We make sure that every penny goes to support our communities in need.

So stay safe at home this holiday, and shop our charitable gift guide. Your contributions can make a world of difference!

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